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France has every thing to offer: beaches, culture, history, cuisine and stunning landscapes. For beach resorts and a sunny, Mediterranean climate, head to the South of France and in particular the French Riviera. If you are looking for culture, Paris is a must see as it is a world capital of art and culture. Normandy in the west of France is steeped in history - from William the Conqueror to World War Two's Normandy landings. But if you're looking to discover a different side to France, visit the Midi Pyrenees in the South west, whose unique culture, history and landscape sets it apart from the well known tourist regions.

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France has an intense cultural life. A big part of France's culture such as theatres, shows, expositions and painting, is concentrated in Paris although there are definitely other cities such as Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux which also have a lot to offer. For years Paris was the capital of bohemia and every important European artist moved to this city in order to get to know the Vanguard movement and the new trends. Although this has changed, Paris maintains a lot of this flavour and it´s cultural life continues to be very interesting.

The French have also made gastronomy an art form and you cannot understand France's cultural and social life without looking at it´s food. Cheeses, pâtes, delicious meats and vegetables are the base of France's gastronomy. Not to mention wines from Borgoña or Bordeaux, Champagne and Cognac.

There is no doubt that France is a maze of bureaucracies and government offices, which makes knowing where to go to for a given problem difficult. The French have strong labour unions and strikes are common, especially in the public sector. Anyone is free to join a union. In France, businesses are not open or closed shops. It is up to the employee to decide whether to join a labour union or not.


English is taught in French schools but you will need to speak French, especially if you go outside of the cities and into rural France.


Shops are normally open from Monday to Saturday from 10am until 7pm but some may be closed on Mondays. Banks are usually open from 9am until 5pm and Monuments and museums are often shut on either Mondays or Tuesdays.



Using the metro at night is generally fine but be extremely cautious when using the following metro stations at night: Châtlet-Les Halles; Château Rouge; Gare du Nord; Strasborg St Denis; Réaumur Sébastopol and Montparnasse Bienvenüe


France has a fairly temperate climate except in the North East and Mountain areas where they experience a "classic continental climate". The Southern Coastal plains have a pleasant Mediterranean climate.


Citizens of the EU; US; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Israel and some other European countries do not need visas to visit France as tourists for up to 3 months. Most other nationals require a Visa.


France runs a state subsidised healthcare system whereby patients choose their own healthcare providers are reimbursed up to 85% of healthcare costs. When travelling to France, you will need your own comprehensive insurance policy.

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