Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions as listed below before signing the application form.

This is a legal contract between both parties, yourself, the participant, and European Internships. Read the terms and conditions as listed below before signing the application form.

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Terms and Conditions applicable to all programs

Enrolment and payment

For full enrolment in any of the programs, the participants must fill out and submit an enrolment form to European Internships in the same way as an enrolment fee must be made of 100 euros.

These pre-program payments are and under no circumstances will they be refundable.

Full payment of the program must be made upon confirming details of the work placement, volunteer placement or destination.


Cancellations will only be accepted that are irrefutably expressed to us through the means of fax, email, letter or telegram.

Cancellations will be effective only if we are informed of the decision at least 4 weeks before the course is due to commence and they will mean the loss of 50% of the paid-up price.


If a student withdraws from the program once it has begun, any payment previously made will not be refunded. Those participants undertaking Spanish courses will be able to save what's left of their course and recommence within a period of up to a year afterwards.


European Internships reserves the right to ask the participant to withdraw from the program for disciplinary reasons. This extreme step will mean the loss of all previous payments made by the participant.

Under 18

Those persons under 18 that participate in any of the programs must do so with consent from a parent or guardian who assume that European Internships should inform them upon fixing timetables, activities and disciplinary actions to which their children or pupils will yield.


European Internships cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss of time, money or other possessions that may affect the participant throughout their undertaking of the program. The participants must ensure that they have full medical and travel insurance. European Internships can provide medical insurance upon the particpant's request.


The participants will be held personally responsible for any damage or liability occurred during the course of the program.


Participants acknowledge that international travel involves risks. European Internships cannot be held responsible for the actions of persons not employed by the school.


European Internships welcomes applications from students with disabilities and will do whatever we can to assist with your study abroad plans. Students with disabilities may find some of our program sites more accessible than others. European Internships is happy to adapt the programs in order to cover your specific needs. Students must specify what support they require in order to be able to adjust certain installations, especially where accommodation is required.

Ways of signing up

Signing up to any of the programs can be done on our website at the web address www. by filling out the enrolment form. European Internships will { proceed to confirm the enrolment, book the program and indicate the total price of the program. Following on, the participant must settle the payment of the program according to the conditions stated in point 1 of these general terms and conditions. The participants will be able to use any of the following forms of payment that are listed: cheque, bank transfer, card or cash.

Language Courses - Semesters

Missed Classes

European Internships cannot be held responsible for any of the classes that the student may not be able to attend. The classes are given in accordance with the timetables, number of students, levels and conditions that are published. European Internships is obligated to comply with the specified conditions and in particular the maximum limit of students per class, the timetable and levels.

Internships - Volunteering - Jobs


European Internships reserves the right to ask that the students/interns withdraw from the programme if the company/organization in which the internship is undertaken encounters unsolvable problems with the student. In the same way, the company/organization in which the student is placed reserves the right to ask the students/interns to withdraw from that particular placement for the above reason. In this instance, European Internships is obliged to place the student in another company/organization with similar traits.

The intern can request a change of company/organization if for whatever reason they do not find themselves comfortable. European Internships will provide an alternative in a maximum period of 2 weeks. Only one change of placement will be made per participant.

The intern will adhere to the rules of the country where the internship is being undertaken and will adapt to the local customs.

The intern will carry out their duties and obligations to the best of their ability. To sum up, they will adhere to the instructions given by the mentor of the company/organization at every moment.

The intern will pay for the transport costs to and from their country.

Accommodation Rules

European Internships provides accommodation to those participants that put in a request for any of the types on offer, for which they must make a reservation at least 15 days before their arrival and await confirmation of the desired accommodation. European Internships acts as a coordinator between the students and the property owners, making firm reservations and payments on behalf of you.

The participants will have the right to enjoy the accommodation at the price and within the conditions publicized, being able to prolong the stay given that they put in this request far enough in advance and always subject to availability.

European Internships does not guarantee that refunds to the students will be made for previous payment made if the student decides to leave the accommodation earlier than originally stated or change accommodation type.

Participants will be able to enjoy the accommodation subject to some basic rules which the property owner dictates or the families, in that case. Additionally, the enjoyment of the accommodation is subject to the rules that are set out here, according to accommodation type. Not complying to the rules will mean the removal of the participant's rights and to any previous payment made.


European Internships recognizes that living together in a family requires some behavioural rules to be followed that are obligatory for the program stay. The participant must:

  1. Adapt to the way of life, timetables, customs. of the family.
  2. Respect the families time to relax. Keep the silence at night time: avoid unnecessary noise, loud TV or music, showers. Not call the family after 11pm apart from in an emergency.
  3. To be tidy in the house: keep tidy personal clothes, make the bed, clear your place at the dinner table after having finished eating.
  4. To look after the utensils, furniture and household items.
  5. To not use the family's personal items without their consent: towels, brushes, combs, soap, shampoo.
  6. To be conscious of the fact that water is expensive and it is for this reason that it is recommendable not to spend too much time in the shower.
  7. To have consideration for the family and not to worry them unnecessarily. To always communicate to the family exceptional situations such as trips or sleeping out of the house.
  8. Not to use the family phone to make calls.
  9. In the case of you being under 18 years old, to respect the timetables as set by each family for arriving home and participating in the outings and activities that are planned.

European Internships is obligated to attend to requests for changing family that are made by the participants that will be effective from after a period of no more than 7 days. This option is only available to students once.


European Internships recognizes that living together in an apartment requires some behavioural rules to be followed that are obligatory for the program stay. The participant must:

  1. Respect the opinions and characters of other flatmates.
  2. Respect others' relaxation time. Stay quiet at night time: avoid unnecessary noise, loud music and TV, showers.
  3. Avoid noise and behavioural conduct that might annoy neighbours in the building.
  4. Be tidy in the house: pick up your clothes, make you bed, take away your plate when you leave the dinner table, wash-up and dry-up, and clean the bathroom.
  5. Avoid under any circumstances having parties and other events.
  6. Limit the number and frequency of guests so as to avoid that they may cause annoyance to the rest of your flatmates. Under no circumstances may any visitor stay in the flat for more than one night.
  7. Look after the utensils, furniture and other objects in the flat.
  8. Not smoke in the communal areas of the flat.
  9. Be conscious of the fact that water is expensive in Spain and so try not spend too much time in the shower.
  10. Allow European Internships staff to enter into the flat in order to carry out basic maintenance work and inspections.


The participants must abide by the rules set out by the residence which are a compulsory part of the program stay.


Prices include all taxes.

Prices are given in Euros.

Prices are valid except in cases where typing errors are made.

European Internships reserves the right to modify its prices.

Discount on early payments: There is a 5% discount (except enrollment and accommodation) on payments made at least 8 weeks before the start of the program.

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