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Erasmus programs for interns in Spain

The Erasmus internship programme is a European Commission initiative which provides funds for students undertaking work placements in Spain. The purpose of this scheme is to provide work experience and training for European citizens. It aims to improve the quality of professional training which helps to prepare young workers for the technological and industrial changes which the labour market faces. We offer many internship options in different cities all around Spain

The scheme provides funds to cover travel arrangements to the European country, accommodation and other expenses.

However, in order to take part in this scheme, you need to find your own placement which will then be subsidised by the Erasmus plus programme. Finding a placement can be a complicated process.

Using this directory to find your preferred placement is an easy way of ensuring you find a placement that suits you whilst benefiting from the subsidies which are provided by the European Union. Many companies pay you extra money on a regular basis. We do want to invite you to send us your CV, dates and target city and will help you with that.

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