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Paid internships in hospitality management and teaching English in Spain

If you are looking for a paid internship in Spain we have a great offer of paid internships in hospitality management as well as in teaching English in Spain. With the teaching English internships in Spain you can choose the city where you want to work but with the paid internships program in hotels there must be a degree of flexibility although we make sure that the hotels that we work with have at least 3 stars. It is a good way to live in Spain whilst working and learning Spanish. The internships in hotels include accommodation, meals and 200 euros per month. Many students take a Spanish course for two weeks before starting the job because this enables them to start their immersive experience with more confidence.

Teaching English in Spain
is also a good way to get to know the country by working in a language school and to get to know Spanish natives around your age.Living with colleagues is also a good personal and professional life experience. Another huge advantage of our program is that you can choose the dates when you want to participate. Internships start from one month onwards and we will take care of everything. At the end of your paid internships program you will receive a certificate and a reference letter which validate your experience. These documents will improve your CV and will enable you to apply for a better job after returning to your country.

Paid internships are more and more popular because they allow students to save a lot of money if they want to spend a long time in Spain or if they do not have sufficient financial resources. If you need a student visa we will also help you get one. We recommend that you have medical insurance which is valid in Spain and we have a great offer. You do not have to be studying at university to participate in our paid internships program. If you want unpaid internships we offer a lot of fields: marketing, psychology, law, etc. We also offer many reviews from former students who have participated in our program through the years. You can sign up to our program with total confidence.

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