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Long duration Spanish courses at good prices

The long duration Spanish courses are a good way to study Spanish in Spain if you want to stay or live here or want to work or get ready to get into a Spanish University.

Our Spanish courses last 20 hours per week in the mornings and with as interview on your needs and your level of Spanish we get some aims.

Your long duration Spanish course follows the philosophy of our school: flexibility. You can sign up whenever you want and moreover we help you getting your student identification, accomodation, health insurance in Spain, your NIE, looking for a job if you need it and sign up to the Spanish University that you wish for.

The academic year in Spain, with our long duration Spanish course will be a unique experience with us and our orientation department will do all that's possible to make sure everything is easy. It's a full "Spanish immersion" program and if later you want to get ready for a DELE exam that certifies your level of Spanish, it will be your cherry on top to have a full staying in Spain.

Count on our complete support for your staying before, during and after the program. This preparation course at the University is the most popular for long duration courses.

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