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Jobs in Spain for Americans

If you are from the United States and would like to spend some time in Spain, count on us. We help you to sign up in a Spanish course and later we find a job for you teaching English or working as a digital editor or teaching English in Spain.

We also have summer jobs in Spain and our jobs in Spain are for the most popular according to our students. We can help you getting a student identification and health insurance and all you need.

You hear many times I need a job in Spain but are you ready for it? Working for hotels in Spain is complicated and hard, and teaching English as well. Do you have experience in these areas? If you don't have experience is not a problem we can prepare you for it. Working in hotels in Spain, can be a nice immersion in the Spanish culture, but before you have to undertake a Spanish course.

Rememeber that in Europe you have more weeks of compulsory holidays than in the United States and the holiday mentality is different from the United States one, where work prevails and it's more difficult find a long duration holiday mentality unless you're a millionaire. You also don't have traditions in linguistic stages in other countries and this is why we recommend you a full program of a Spanish course and work in Spain combined with free time and holidays.

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