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Affordable Spanish internships in Spain

We offer a wide variety of internships in Spain. Most of them are unpaid like psychology, social work, marketing, PR, etc and a some of them are paid like working at hotels and teaching English.

Most of our students are in Europe for 2-3 months and want not only to have a really good learning experience in the field they want but also to have fun, travelling around and make this unique experience.

In our program you can choose the city you want and we offer you a program of your liking in the time set you prefer.

Why to choose our Spanish internship program in Spain? We have the cheapest program in the market at the best quality price.

We have had along all these years many examples of interns like Matthew Westwood who just took an internship in Social work part- time in a small NGO in Seville.
He got practical experience under professional supervision. He just helped with general tasks in a non profit organization such as assisting in the coordination and planning of the events, make follow-up phonecalls, help to find sponsors and deal with correspondence. He developed and maintained relationships with people who have had different addictions through their lives. He got reference letters at the end of his stay, made many friends, upgraded his resume and promised to return back again to Spain. This is a typical example of what we want for our students. You just can apply anytime during the year no matter if you are graduate or undergraduate, if you speak Spanish or not, and the process to join us is very simple.

You just send us your resume and set the dates and field of internship and will hear from us in 24 hours max.

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