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Do you want to take Saint James pilgrimage and take a Spanish course with us?

We offer Spanish courses in all cities in Northern Spain where the Camino is.

The Spanish courses cost from 130 Euros per week and includes all ins and outs about what you need to know to undergo confidently the Camino. We are open all year round too.

In case you want to hire a 'pilgrim service' for all the stops, you can also do it. We organize 'Camino tours' at competitive prices for one week on.

This incredible experience is a once in a life time experience and if you just take a Spanish course before starting the Camino you will start to get used to the Spanish life and be confident in all the aspects, expressions and things about staying in Spain.

We have a wide background in organizing internships, tours and Spanish courses for all ages and walks of life. We just want you to have a unique lifetime experience.

Download file (http://www.editorialbuencamino.com/ http://www.elcaminoasantiago.com/mapas/mapas.htm)
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