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Hospitality management in Spain: the best way for learning Spanish

Are you interested in the possibility of working in a hotel or in a restaurant whilst you learn Spanish?Do it with European Internships.

 In this article we are going to consider the reasons why choosing to do an internship with European Internships will be the  best decision you ever make in your life.


A choice of internships.
European Internships
offers an endless number of internships in the hotel industry. There  are opportunities to work not only in the hotel but also in the catering sector. From bar work to receptionist work, cooking and kitchen assistant positions the hospitality sector is your oyster.


Get paid whilst doing the job you love.

A lot of the hospitality jobs available online are volunteering posts which do not offer a stipend. With European Internships not only do you have a huge range of hospitality jobs at your fingertips but you will also receive a stipend of at least 200 euros per month with some jobs offering more money.

3. Accommodation which does not cost a fortune with food included.
A lot of companies offering internships in the hotel industry do not offer accommodation or charge high prices.  European Internships offers a wide range of  options at reasonable prices from  sharing an apartment to living in the hotel where you are working which will provide a unique experience into the functioning of the business. 

European Internships
can also arrange stays in host families which will allow interns to gain a unique insight into the culture of the country they are working in whilst also improving their language skills through total immersion in the target language. Interns are also provided with 3 meals a day allowing them to focus  on the job instead of worrying about everyday tasks.

4. Improve your transferable skills and your employability.
No matter what internship you choose you will be able to develop transferable skills.  The teamwork, communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills you gain will enrich your CV and make you stand out in the increasingly competitive hospitality job market. Living and working in a different culture will also allow you to become more independent

5.   Fully supported internships.
With a  European Internships placement we guarantee that you will not be thrown in at the deep end.  On arrival in the country interns will be fully orientated and assistance will be provided to enable them to integrate successfully into the company and the culture in which they are working.

Interns will also be fully supported throughout their work placements with a designated number available in case of an emergency.

6.  Flexibility of the placement.
European Internships aims to adapt to the needs and skills of all its clients. The internships run throughout the year and you can choose to spend from 1 to 12 months abroad.  Applicants with a wide range of ages 18-35 are also accepted. 

Finally, your knowledge of Spanish is not a barrier to apply as applicants of all levels are accepted, but it must be noted that those with higher skills will have more opportunities available.

In conclusion, if you want a fully supported and reasonably priced internship from a very experienced company, look no further than European Internships.

Check out our hospitality management program and our other internships on our website. If you choose an internship with us we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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