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Third week, same routine. We arrived with the train in Gobela, a beautiful place in Getxo where most of the high society live. That is also what you can see there: clean streets, big houses and a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean.

But under the neat promenade where the peaceful waves meeting the giant stonewall was hidden a lot of trash. Day by day.

Monday it was not possible to go to this area because of the rainy, stormy weather. Therefore on the other three days we used the time to pick up water bottles, styrofoam and packagings of sweets, snacks and other food people are eating without thinking of the environment. One plastic bag after the other were filled, some big gabbage like a child seat or a long plastic tube didn't fit in the big bags. On Thursday the sea level was too high to walk on the rocks and pick up the alluvialed trash so we had to go to a little beach where we cleaned on our first day. Luckily we saw that the work from two weeks ago had already made a difference there: You could have walked on the beach without being disturbed by the large plastic pices. I guess at this moment I was a little bit proud of myself and the work I have done. A work that is not even remotely hard or time consuming if everybody would pick up some trash when their see it. A work that nobody does although everyone is responsible that it even exists.

Even if this fact makes me sad I will never stop to pick up trash. Whether on beaches when I will be in holidays or in everyday life on the streets. Everybody is producing waste, everybody is ignoring their own waste and everybody is looking at it like they don't know where it come from when they see it.

But do you want to be everybody?

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