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Internships in Spain: paid placements

Many job applicants want a job but often do not have the experience, and that can be got with an internship. We also offer orientation, traning and supervision during the whole process for an internship in Spain. We think this is the best way to be inmersed in the culture and reality of labour force of Spain. For professionals in career transition as well as students and recent graduates, such programs provide working experience that otherwise would never be supplied to someone interested in a specific field.

The value of offering student internships, the most common form of internships is broad and varied. From the student’s viewpoint an internship offers the opportunity to explore career fields before committing to a major or graduate program and to strengthen skills and abilities. For those students who have a clear view of their future path, an internship provides the vehicle for increasing their possibilities of employment in their chosen field by building professional confidence, making contacts in their eventual field of endeavor, and bridging the resume gap between objectives and realities.

Fortunately for aspiring students, an internship program has real value for the many organizations and educational institutions that carry on internships on a regular basis. Interns contribute their energy, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to situations that are often in need of a fresh perspective. Many interns, through hobbies, talents and non-formal training, develope a confidence in themselves and being able to take decisions and responsabilities.

We also offer paid internships in hospitality management in Spain with different positions and flexible dates and destinations. All in all a great way to learn about yourself, companies and improve your Spanish.

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