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Working in a company offers to the student a great chance to discover many aspects of life, language and culture. European Internships has therefore created a new program to maximize the stay in that country. We already cooperate with companies and firms in the following industries/professional sectors.

The professional internship is the most important link between the classroom and the professional world. An internship is always a valuable experience and it is even more beneficial if it is done in a foreign country with a foreign language.

Before coming to the country, you will receive "Need-to-Know" country factsheets which will inform you about visas, health, safety, what to pack, cultural considerations, etc. This information will be completed along with the book about the country upon arrival.

You will also have an ongoing assistance before and during your stay in the country.

What are the basic qualifications for applying?
From 18 to 32 years old Interest in a training program that will enhance the academic or career interests.

Excellent communication skills, be ambitious and open to challenges.

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