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Subsidised Spanish Courses through the Tripartite Foundation (la Fundación Tripartite)

The subsidised Spanish courses are offered by our school in conjunction with the Tripartite" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.fundaciontripartita.org/Pages/default.aspx">Tripartite Foundation(La Fundación Tripartite). You can apply for them through this foundation if you live in Spain. We offer language courses in companies or in our school.  Our language teachers have extensive experience and they will adapt to your required schedule. These courses are  free for employees and the self-employed and they are an excellent way to learn languages easily and quickly.

These free courses for company employees and the self-employed are valid for the whole of this year.

Please send us an email outlining your needs and we will get in contact with you. Our language courses are free if you apply through the Tripartite Foundation(La Fundación Tripartite).

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