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Baking and pastry internships in Spain and culinary arts

The paid externship program in Spain: is a good way to get to stay in Spain, learn about the Spanish cuisine and, if you need, combine it with a Spanish course.

Our program is as flexible as you need to be. You can start when you want and you choose the dates and the period of your staying.

You will have a Spanish cook that will teach you all the secrets of Spanish cooking, you will try the plates, learn how Spanish life is and if you studied pastry-making, you also have a great opportunity to learn how to make Spanish desserts, very traditional in Spain.

Do you need a cooking course in Spain ? We also have this option for you and we can also manage to get you credits for your University if you need them. It can also be a good way to discover your vocation or falling in love with the country or with the Spanish cuisine or with someone close to you. At the end of your staying you receive a certificate and you get a reference letter to get a promotion in your country of origin.

What are you waiting for to sign up to our cuisine program in Spain? If you sign up to the paid pastry making program in the cuisine, you won't only get awarded, improve your CV and spend an enjoyable staying but you'll also redescover your passion for cooking.

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