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My internship in Spain

My name is Irini and I am a Cyprus student at Instituto Hemingway. In Cyprus, I am training to be a Teacher. My course allows me to learn various subjects such as Law, Foreign Languages (Spanish and English for me or German or Italian for my friends), French, economics, management, organization or foreign trade. For me, the most interesting aspect is studying languages. In a world which is becoming more and more accessible, it is very interesting to learn foreign languages because they make it easier to enter the job market. But also, at a personal level, it allows you to discover new cultures, to travel more easily and to meet very interesting people with fascinating stories to tell about their lives.

I wanted to do an internship in Spain to discover a new culture, to meet people who, according to what I heard, were really friendly and welcoming (which I have found is true). I am doing a work placement in the Instituto for 12 weeks. I send emails to hotels to find new partners for one of our programs, “Hospitality Management”, I translate news from the website into other languages and I also write news articles, like this one, to develop the school’s website and provide more information about what the Institute offers.

I live in the centre of Bilbao, in a shared flat, with a British student, a German student and a Polish couple. It has helped me to discover new cultures and practise my languages. In Bilbao, you can visit very famous museums such as the Guggenheim museum or the museum of fine arts, and also the Basque Museum which allows you to discover more about Basque culture. If you are interested in cultural activities, you can go to the Arriaga theatre, in the Casco Viejo, or to Bilborock to listen to music. If you prefer shopping, there is a large range of shops with prices to suit everyone. Bilbao has everything you could want!

Carine Beraudier
Student in La Ravoire (France) at the Institute

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