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Gap Year in Spain

For people aged between 18 and 25, learning and improving a second language can be a great way of improving your CV and opening-up new career opportunities. Moreover, Spanish is the second most spoken first language in the world!

Through developing Spanish as a part of your skill set, you can open-up opportunities to work in Spain and Latin America.

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In Bilbao, we offer a wide selection of ways to take advantage of a gap year. If you have practiced Spanish for several years, completed modules at university or you are complete beginner, we can offer you the support you need to progress rapidly.
You can read more about our Spanish course selection here.


We provide internships in many fields including hospitality, education, marketing, law and tourism. Moreover, we provide the opportunity to participate in a volunteering scheme.

Courses and classes:

We offer a wide range of courses all year round. Our culinary arts course offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Spanish and Basque gastronomic traditions with a friendly, bilingual chef. The Basque Country is one of the gastronomic capitals of Europe, with 39 restaurants bearing Michelin Stars. Furthermore, you can participate flamenco dance classes with our instructor, who has over 10 years of experience. Furthermore, you can take-part in a wine tasting course any time, with one week courses involving at least one trip to a winery in the nearby La Rioja region. Finally, between the months of April and October we provide surfing courses on the fantastic beaches at Sopela.

If you would like sign-up or enquire, send us an email here: info@institutohemingway.com

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