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Spanish course and restaurant/hotel internship

Interested in studying and/or doing an internship in Spain?

One of our most popular packages is a Spanish course combined with an internship in a restaurant or hotel. This experience provides the student with the possibility of immersing themselves in one of the most demanded languages in the world, whilst adding invaluable experience to their CV. Employers recognise the courage and aspiration it takes to work abroad, as well as the invaluable interpersonal and teamwork skills gained in such an experience.

Over 17 years our Instituto has provided countless unforgettable experiences for people of all ages and nationalities working and learning in one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations!

Spanish courses:

Our Spanish courses range from A1 beginner’s level to C2 advanced, and everything in between! You can sign-up any Monday of the year and take part in our friendly, interactive classes.

Our teachers are all fully qualified to teach Spanish and have all studied a foreign language. Our teachers are always open and look to make Spanish fun and accessible. For beginners, we look to get people speaking and creating sentences as soon as possible, whilst always encouraging more advanced Spanish speakers to push themselves.
With an internship alongside your Spanish course, our students normally participate in Spanish morning classes between 9:30 and 13:30, going on to their internship after lunch.

Hospitality internships:

We have a network of contacts through which we can develop an internship tailored to your areas of interest. Whether you would like to gain experience in a luxury hotel or a high quality restaurant or bar, we have positions available. Our students have gained industry experience as waiters and waitresses, chefs, as well as undertaking hospitality management training.

These internships always offer a great insight into the workings of the hospitality industry in Spain, as well as the phenomenal gastronomy it offers, whilst improving your Spanish and professional skills no end!

If you would be interested in taking part in one of our courses, send us an email: info@institutohemingway.com

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