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Internships in education

The intern should develop and implement a comprehensive plan aimed at meeting the educational needs of various groups or individuals.

While no specific skills are required, a willingness to learn about community resources and work in a team are essential.

Liase with classroom staff.

Design and implement lessons/plans/activities for other members of the Project.

You will also have the opportunity to teach your native language.

Teaching English is a fun, rewarding, and worthwhile experience. In this program will teach English at either a public or private school, depending on demands at the time of the work. Most of the time, interns in teaching projects work as instructors. These English teachers are more than welcome to participate in other school activities, such as sports or sanitation programs, while they work at the school. it is not necessary that you come from an English- speaking country in order to become a teaching intern, although is highly recommended. We welcome any interns that have a working knowledge of English, as well as the desire to share their knowledge with students who are eager to learn.

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