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Internships in social work

Work with other human rights activists and people who want a better world to design an internship for that works for YOU! Self-motivation, creativity and enthusiasm are required! We will help you refine your idea and make it happen.
The time they commit to the project, their ideas and their energy are greatly appreciated. It is indeed these contributions which are responsible for the continued success of the project.

Positions in different non-profit agencies

Parents association, social government agency, civil defense, consumers, citizen's advice bureau, youth information office, helping people with social/economic difficulties, kids with dissabilities, service to elderly, child care coordinators, service to youngers, warehouses, public hospital assistants, legal humanitarian assistance for women, legal assistance for inmigrants, aids organizations, etc.


Newletter coordinators, writers, calendar coordinators, editors, photographers, advertising managers, PRs, Programming and development, Centre staff.

Skills you could acquire

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